Nanotechnology Research and Development Infrastructure

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Central to the National Nanotechnology Initiative are the following documents:


Learn about the NNI's infrastructure resources, including R&D Centers, Networks, and User Facilities, as well as Government-wide resources for technology transfer, commercialization, and diversity programs.

The nanotechnology enterprise requires support for a widely accessible state-of-the-art physical infrastructure. Under the National Nanotechnology Initiative, several participating agencies have built or supported the development of user facilities to create an extensive and unparalleled resource for outside users. These user facilities are geographically diverse and provide state-of-the-art tools to create, characterize, and understand nanomaterials and nanotechnology-enabled components and devices. Also, NNI participating agencies have established and developed multidisciplinary research and education centers across the United States devoted to nanoscience and nanotechnology

NNI R&D User Facilities

The NNI supports a network of user facilities that are open to researchers and provide the high-tech tools and equipment needed to study and develop nanotechnologies.


NNI R&D Centers and Networks

A significant impact of the NNI has been the focused investment in establishment and development of multidisciplinary research and education centers devoted to nanoscience and nanotechnology.